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Traction Devices For Penis Enlargement

Currently traction devices is the safest option among several others that help to enlarge a penis. It also helps to see the most notable results while doing it. Traction tools - such as those offered by Size Genetics - are medically backed up and produced from Medical Type 1 materials, which are safe to human body. These devices can enhance penis size by up to 30% of its original length and girth. They provide permanent results too, unlike other methods.

Using the same traction technique found in orthopedic surgery, the Size Genetics penis extender is created to apply traction to corpora cavenosa which makes cells break apart, separate and double in numbers within penis chamber.

While these cells multiply within penis shaft, they build a cellular tissue mass which allows penis to receive more blood and get bigger in size, by up to 3 inches in fact. A magnificent result, that is not yet beaten by any other of penis enhancement systems.

Besides having a natural ability to encourage penis growth, Size Genetics device also helps to cure several other conditions:

- Eliminate penile curvatures in 70% of cases
- Improve sexual endurance, stamina and orgasms
- Make rock hard, fully erected penises

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