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Size Genetics Penis Extender

It is surprising that despite medical proof that increasing you penis in length is possible, penis enlargement devices are still accepted with a bit of skepticism by some.

The reason for that is the amount of fake devices which flooded the market recently. None of them have any proof that they actually work backed up by clinical trials, which further discouraged faith into penis extender devices.

However, when you look closer at web sites such as Size Genetics, you will have your concerns aired away and your confidence in traction devices will be back again. Their site have recommendations from customers and celebrities backed up by clinical proof that penis enlargement is possible.

Size Genetics is made from medical type 1 materials and it has been one of the first penis stretching devices to receive medical recognition too. This device has been clinically confirmed to improve penis length by up to 30%, which is 2-3 inches on average. It also cures penis curvatures and erectile dysfunction in 70% of the cases. These enhancements improve sexual performance and increases sexual satisfaction.

The recognition of Size Genetics Extender goes far beyond the medical arena. Size Genetics have been featured and tested by Channel 4’s journalist Tim Shaw who tried it on himself for a week and later impressed his wife with full 8 incher as the result of the experiment…

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