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Reasons Against Penis Enlargement Surgery

The obsession with larger penis size goes back 2000 years ago to Roman times when sculptures and drawings of powerful figures had enlarged penises. Their massive members symbolized power and authority. No wonder men with big penises of today feel more confident and have higher self-esteem than those with little members.

Along with this stereotype, several penis enhancement techniques came to us. However, they are now considered the most risky ones and rarely practised.

One of these ancient methods is penis enlargement surgery. It involves cutting the ligament which attached to the pubic bone. Such simple operation alone may increase penis by 1 to 1.5 inches. And it sounds like the right way to go until you consider the risks associated with that.

The described procedure requires a careful postoperative treatment, that involves stretching your penis as you risk to shorten it instead. At the same time a high chance of not being able to have a fully erect penis after surgery puts many men away from this idea.

According to the study performed by Penile Suspensory Ligament division for Penis Augmentation as many as 70% of all men suggested penis surgery and informed of risk associated with it decide to choose other methods for enhancing their penises such as those offered at Size Genetics.

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