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Penis Stretching Exercises

The main principle for stretching a penis lies in the improvement of blood circulation that leads to increased volume of blood that can be accomodated in the erectile tissue. It is the same tissue that fills with blood when men get sexually aroused and experience erection. The theory behind penis stretching exercises suggests that if the erectile tissue can be forced to hold more blood than it does naturally it will result in bigger size for the penis in both erected and flaccid states.

Jelqing (Milking) Exercise

Free Penis Stretching Exercises Example This simple exercise remains the most ancient method for penis extension that relies on application of milking motion onto half erected penile shaft. To perform this, the thumb and forefinger need to encircle the base of the penis. A firm grip is used to keep partial erection and to trap the blood. Whilst maintaining a moderate pressure the grip hand slides forward along the length to force blood inside the erectile tissue. As the first hand approaches the end of the penis the other hand then repeats the procedure producing a non-stop motion with each stroke that should take approximately 1-2 seconds. To administer Jelqing exercise properly it is recommended to apply oil based lubricant along the length of the shaft. This will help the gripping hand slide effortlessly along the length.

It is important to note that stretching exercises should be performed on a flaccid penis to avoid tissue damages. The basic technique includes holding the head of the penis with a firm grip and then pulling it forward with a gentle move. The idea of the stretching suggest pulling the penis sufficiently enough to stretch it to the maximum comfortable limit without causing any pain. Each stretch exercise lasts approximately for 15 seconds before relaxing. To complete the session the exercise needs to be repeated 10 to 15 times.

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