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Penis Extender And Penis Exercises

As it has been mentioned in previous article on penis enlargement device, it is advised to use traction device and do penis exercises in order to see faster and more significant gains in penis size. Traction device is created for external penile training, while exercising effects internal tissue growth.

But what are penis exercises?

Size Genetics Penis Exercises Penis exercises are originated from the ancient times. They initially had been practiced by Arab men, who called this method of enlarging a penis Jelquing. It consists of a series of penile exercises, which you need to do with your hands for 20-30 minutes a day on a regular basis in order to see your penis growth in both length and girth.

Penile exercising techniques work by driving more blood into your erectile tissue and as this excessive amount of blood is forced into your penis shaft, it enhances blood flow and makes your penis expand outwards. Additionally, the penis gets harder and stronger erections. This helps to achieve longer lasting sexual intercourse.

Doing such penis exercises along with wearing a penis extender for 2-3 hours each day makes all the difference between having a healthy relationship and being constantly judged by your partner for your inability to satisfy her.

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