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There are two main questions that need to be answered in this section. The first one: Do penis enlargement pills really work? The answer to it is a short NO (look for the explanation below). And the second one which puzzles millions:
Can you really enlarge your penis? The answer here will be YES, definitely (refer to penis extender section to find out how).

Many pill production companies keep tricking vulnerable about their penis size men into thinking that there is a magic pill that can really help them increase the size of their member and enhance self confidence with it. The truth is there is no magic pill and no penis pill, or a dick pill as it is often referred to, can help lengthen the penis.

Penis Enlargement Pills Alternative

All penis enlargement pills are basically hormonal stimulants based on herbal aphrodisiacs in the same way Viagra tablets are. They increase the production of hormones in the body and improve blood flow that fill the erectile tissue of penis making it look bigger in a flaccid state. This is the main point about how penis pills work - their results will only be visible on a floppy penis which gets bigger once the circulation and blood pressure is enhanced. That’s a reason why these popular before and after pills photos are made with limp or half-erected penises as you will simply not see the difference on the fully erected penis where the same processes flow naturally.

Before And After Penis Pills

Even more so, penis pills can be dangerous if you get dependant on them for having an erection. It might simply become difficult to gain and maintain erection without external stimulants after a period of time.

So is there a solution? YES,

to really increase your penis size you have to add more cells to the soft erectile tissues. This can be achieved safely with application of traction device - penis extenders such as Size Genetics

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