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Penis Enlargement of Testicles

The topic about penis enlargement has been covered in full, but what about if you decide to enlarge your balls too? Is this possible? Of course, it is. And even if the testicles enlargement technique is fairly new in comparison to years of penis enhancement practices it is still operational as it provides notable results. Bigger testicles just like penis are associated with more manliness and power therefore there is no question why some men would want to enlarge them too.

The scrotum in which testicles are enclosed has a form of an elastic sac that stretches and shrinks easily depending on the outside conditions.This means it can accommodate bigger or smaller size testicles. With age testicles start shrinking which may embarrass some men.

However, there is a solution which is aimed at making the scrotum to appear larger and fuller. This is done with the help of a simple operation. The scrotal wall consists of several separate layers of tissue in which fat cells from other body parts are injected to make it bigger. From the procedure it looks that even a small amount of fat can significantly increase the size of the scrotum. Bear in mind that this surgical procedure is relatively new and long-term effects has not been discovered yet.

At the moment this operation is suggested only to men who are already parents or not going to become ones since there is no proof that the semen is not affected in any way.

The good news is that fat from the testicles is not reabsorbed by the body. At least that’s what early reports show. Only time will tell more about how successful such procedure is.

Clearly, every operation involves certain amount of risk which is impossible to avoid completely. This is also true to situation with penis enlargement unless you choose safer alternatives such as using Penis Extender from Size Genetics or other company…

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