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How Penis Extender Works

A penis extender also commonly referred to as a penis stretcher is one of several external methods of increasing a penis size. As their names suggest they serve the purpose of “extendng” or “stretching” the penis by applying traction on the male organ. The amount of time spent wearing the device is directly proportionate to the changes in length and girth of the penis.

Traction devices were first discovered by earlier scientists who researched lives of indigenous African tribes. The practice of applying regular pressure on various body parts that range from lips to necks and even arms is common on the African continent. Penis enlargement companies such as SizeGenetics use this time-tested method that allows permanent extension of penises. Their traction devices create tension with metal bars and springs in them distance between which gets increased with the growth of the penis.

How the Penis Extender Works?

To ensure that the chances of rash occurence are minimal companies that offer high quality products has them produced from Medical Type 1 plastics and metals. Using penis extenders remain the most effective method in penis enlargement because of its reliability and safety. They can also be worn under the clothes for long periods of time without any side effects whatsoever.

Penis Extenders With Noose and Strap

Noose-Based Penis Extender Noose penis extenders offer a traditional method of enlargement that has been around for almost 25 years. And while noose based penis extender works in the same fashion as strap-based ones, it can restrict blood circulation for users with circumcised penises.

Strap-Based Penis Extender Strap-based penis extenders are recommended for both types of penises as they are much more comfortable to wear. By wearing a Comfort Strap or Hybrid Support like the ones used in Size Genetics device you reduce the level of stress on the penis, increase blood flow by more than 60 per cent which allows for longer application times and faster results.


Offered by many brands, penis extenders offers that surge with the appearance of the Internet might seem overwhelming. That’s the reason why it is essential to choose a brand that is clinically approved and authentic…

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