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Erectile Dysfunction And Lifestyle Pressure

Erectile dysfunction, or impotence as it is commonly known, is one of the biggest issues for today’s men in bedroom. The condition which is thought to affect older men or sick men is now become usual among men from 30 to 40 age bracket and even younger. And because healthy performance in bed directly reflects the confidence of a man this issue becomes crucial to psychological well-being of an individual. However, most men try so hard to maintain their appearances that they are afraid to admit to experiencing earlier sings of ED. This hesitation to speak about one’s issues which could actually be treated at their earlier stages to the doctor makes matters worse.

Among the major reasons for erectile dysfunction stand physical, psychological and lifestyle causes. And while there is enough information that explains physical and psychological factors, there is less explanation of how lifestyle choices can result in impotence. Only a small part of users of substances such as nicotine, drugs and steroids are aware about their affect in aggravating impotence. Even less know that obesity and a “couch potato” lifestyle contribute to the disorder. To lead a good sex life one needs to have a well nourished and fit body in order to stand the effort. Regular exercising should be part of everyone’s lifestyle so as balanced diet.

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