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Do Tiny Penises Exist

Despite the fact that average penis size for all men across the world is announced to be 6 inches long (read the article here), the cases of micro penises also exist.

Less than 1 percent of world’s male population have tiny penises due to the deficiency in testosterone levels that occurs during pregnancy. In 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy a decrease of this hormone results in reduction of penis growth that continues right into the adulthood.

However, such cases are quite rare and can be easily discovered for additional research and cure. The fact is the person who is affected by this condition can only have a hard erection size of up to two inches, which is three time less when compared to the average adult male’s one.

Nowadays, improvements in medical science and creation of penis enlargement devices such as Size Genetics can help fight this freak of nature. This sounds as a relief to all men who suffer from it and now can have their members enhanced.

In particular, mechanical devices can naturally increase penis length up to 3 inches through stretching tissue cells within the penis.

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