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Different Parts of The Penis

In order to understand what effects penis extender can have on your penis you need to understand how your penis is actually structured as it is not as simple on the inside as it looks on the outside. The penis is an external male organ used for sexual and urination purposes. It consists of three columns of erectile tissue that stretch during erection solely due to higher amount of blood that flow into them during sexual arousal.

There are two types of erectile tissues which are called “corpus spongiosum” and “corpus cavernosa”. The “corpus spongiosum” is located on the bottom side of the penis, while the two columns of “corpora cavernosa”, one of which is responsible for blood flow into the penis while the other one - for outflow, lie next to each other on the upper side. The corpus spongiosum is considerably larger at the tip of the penis and cone-shaped. The place on the bottom of the penis where the foreskin is connected called the frenum.

The last part of the urinary tract called the urethra which represents the opening in the “corpus spongiosum” known as the “meatus”. This is where urine flow and the semen pass during ejaculation. The semen is produced and stored in the testes.

During ejaculation process sperm is sent up the vas deferens that are shaped in form of two ducts located behind the bladder. Besides semen itself sperm contains other fluids which are added by the seminal vesicles and secretions from the prostate and the bullbourethral glands.

Penis is a complex organ just like any other part of the human body if you take a closer look at it in more detail. The knowledge about penis parts and functions is crucial to the understanding of how penis extender work to help you enhance it…

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