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In order to find out the ultimate penis extender device the team of three participants has undertaken the trial which lasted for a six month period. Three of the leading brands have been chosen for a test: Size Genetics device, Jes Extender and Ultimate Stretcher. This time trial allowed to see the actual results of using a penis extender as well as compare three of the leading products against their other parameters which include affordability, medical backings and their ability to cure penile curvatures. Below you will find the results.

#1 Size Genetics
Number One Penis Enlargement Device with 5/5 points

Size Genetics Penis Extender

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This extender has quickly proved to be the main favorite amongst the testers. In addition to its media recognition by GQ magazine and Channel 4, all of them soon noticed a considerable difference in strength and size of their penises.

Just after a couple of weeks the participants were able to keep erection longer, have longer sexual intercourse and receive more enjoyable orgasms.

First month measurements revealed an average penile growth of 1.15 inches in length and half-an-inch in thickness. Penile curvature correction result was at 36 percent.

Slightly more expensive ultimate model offers the full benefit of SizeGenetic system, which includes two sex improvement DVDs, one DVD with penis enlargement exercises and full access to Penis Health website that easily justifies the extra investment to make it an amazing value for money, especially considering that this device helped trialists to increase their blood flow and sex drive along with enhanced stamina.

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#2 Jes Extender
Number Two Penis Enlargement Device with 4/5 points

Jes Penis Extender

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JesExtender was designed right in the surgery theater where it has been used for post operation treatment of penis enlargement surgeries. This fact makes it the priciest of the three devices reviewed here.

Despite the extra cost, our trialists thought that the JesExtender was worth the additional price as it allowed them to enlarge their penis sized 0.75 inches on average with one of the testers managing to get almost 2 inches to his member in the same time frame.

The quality of this extender is also impressive. Produced using Medical Type 1 materials, Jes Extender meets the strictest of CE standards to guarantee that customers will receive a continued quality throughout the whole period of time when they use it.

Jes Extender ability to enhance penile curvatures by up to 30 per cent was a welcomed addition to its characteristics. Both participants reported an improved sense of virility accompanied by thicker and harder erections that lasted for longer than before.

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#3 Ultimate Stretcher
Number Three Penis Enlargement Device with 3/5 points

Ultimate Penis Stretcher

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The most affordable of these three Medical Type 1 penis extenders this simple traction device is also the slowest at producing results.

Worn for two hours daily the UltimateStretcher has shown penis growth of only 0.5 inches in size which is half an inch less than what Size Genetics allows to achieve in twice less the time.

Despite its performance, the quality of this penis extender is worth mentioning. Created to CE standards, the UltimateStretcher helped participants to achieve the following -

correct curvatures by 20%
increase stamina levels
treat pre-mature ejaculation

Even though this device is not recommended if you are after the best results possible, it is a nice budget option capable of producing the results similar to the top brands although in the longer time.

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Whilst all three of compared penis extenders have got the clinical results to prove consistency of discovered results, the SizeGenetics device was far more promising than the rest.

Affordability, durability and design to CE standards combined with unique set of accessories that include exercise DVD and consumer’s forum produce astounding results:

penis size increase of up to 30%
penis curvature correction in 80% of cases
increased blood flow for improved erection and stamina

Considering its ability to produce these results in much shorter time than its competitors, SizeGenetics traction device is truly an extender worth noticing and recommendations to friends.

Top 3 Penis Extenders list looks like this -

1. SizeGenetics Extender

2. Jes Extender

3. Ultimate Stretcher

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