Pornstars used to enlarged penis

Disorders of The Penis

The penis can be affected by various disorders ranging from almost harmless swelling to nerve damage and even impotence. You should seek attention of a doctor if any of these penis disorders persists as some of them might require a surgery.

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Is Penis Extender Safe to Use

A penis extender offers a safe affordable solution that can almost double your penis length and girth in a relatively short period of time. It is safe because the idea of the extender comes from orthopedic practices where similar devices has been used to lengthen arms and legs in post-op periods without causing damage to these body parts. This process has been done by many people for years, which shows its safety and effectiveness.

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What If Your Penis Is 5 Inches or Less

The only real benefit of having a small penis is that you are free from the troubles guys with larger than average penises have (you can read about them here). Apart from that there is an issue. But there are solutions to it too. At first you need to put all the embarrassment aside and learn and more importantly take actions which can offset this drawback. It is true that you can enlarge your penis with penis extender, but there is a few tricks that can help you get almost immediate results which allow you to hide the actual size and increase your confidence.

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What If Your Penis Is 9 Inches or More

First of all, congratulations you have received one of genetic wonders many men dream about and use various penis extenders just to get near your size. You might think that your are better than the most of them and the world of overindulgent sex is conquered now. However, this is not always true.

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Important Penis Enlargement Routines

Like with any physical exercise the importance of warm up routines can not be underestimated when it comes to penis enlargement. In fact, it should be taken care off even more thoroughly when it comes to penis with its gentle tissue than any other limb of the body. As we know any penis enlargement device works by applying traction to the tissue of the penis. The aim of this exercise is to stretch the tissue and make it respond by expanding in size, which would enable it to accommodate more blood during an erection. While this method of enlarging a penis is considered to be one of the safest ones, there are still directions to follow.

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Optimize Penis Response To Enlargement

Over the recent years penis enlargement programs have started to become increasingly popular, especially since more and more people approve the system. Talks about sex are more common now than before too. All these changes have made men more conscious about their part in bed and more open to opportunities of increasing their performance. Ambiguity led to insecurity which resulted in the desire to enhance natural appearance with the help of penis enlargement.

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Wearing Penis Extender For 6 Months

So you are about to order Size Genetics device and interested to learn about the actual numbers it can show. This article tells about the gains in penis girth and length enjoyed by 10 patients who have been using this penis extender for a period of 6 months while being observed by the team of doctors.

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Peyronies Disease And Size Genetics

After a series of articles on Peyronies disease we come to the question of how to get a straight penis, an obvious one and with the clear answer, yet many men around the world are afraid to speak up about their issues with the doctor.

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Size Genetics Penis Extender for Peyronies

Wonder why girls don’t call back after you have had sex with them for the first time? Or not sure of the reasons for your wife’s eternal headaches? Then you might be relieved to finally find an answer to these questions which lies down in your pants. That’s right, the issue can be simply your small curved penis. However, this doesn’t automatically make you the Peyronies disease patient (read about Peyronies here) as even slightly bent penis can cause discomfort for you and your partner.

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What Is Average Penis Girth

If the question about average penis size has been answered before (the results of the most potent experiments you can find here), the question about penis thickness remains unanswered. This article will look at the research aimed at revealing average girth of penis and inform you about methods of how to enlarge it yourself.

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